For 20 years we’ve been committed to providing a quality, eco-friendly fundraising option –  something useful and memorable that won’t end up in landfill after a short amount of time. With this in mind we are beyond thrilled to announce that we’re now providing new 100% compostable distribution bags! Working with Compost-A-Pak the new bags fit several tea towels, our cotton tote bag and aprons and are labelled to make sorting easy for schools, childcare centres and larger groups orders.  However the best part is that they are made from corn, completely plastic free and Australian certified compostable for both home composting and industrial composting facilities.

To learn more about how this awesome product is made check out Compost-A-Pak’s website – they offer many compostable options for everyday items as a greener choice over regular plastic ones, from bin liners to dog waste bags and home recycling kits. Every little bit helps and we’re so happy to have made this step, hopefully inspiring others to learn more about the world of compostable/recyclable products so that by the time our kids are adults it’s the only option!

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