We put the call out this year for people to dig up their vintage Expressions tea towels and share them in celebration of our 20th anniversary. One family didn’t need to do much digging as they still regularly use Kierra’s tea towel from her day care centre 17 years ago! Kierra’s mum Angela helped to coordinate the project which was a fundraiser for Cardiff Early Education Care Centre back in 2002 to raise money for new equipment. Kierra was only a 1 yr old at the time, adding her handprint to the design and she tells us “we still use this tea towel and go through the little drawings and handprints of my old friends, some of which I have kept in contact with.” Angela and Kierra are pictured above with a close-up of Kierra’s handprint on the tea towel to the right.

Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story Kierra and Angela – and how good does that tea towel still look after almost 20 years?!

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