2021 Jan Juc Preschool Tea Towel Fundraiser

2021 Jan Juc Preschool Tea Towel Fundraiser


Don't miss out on Jan Juc Preschool's Limited Edition 2021 Tea Towels!

The tea towel designs feature self-portraits drawn by all Preschool students, screen printed on to 100% natural cotton tea towels with royal print.

** 3 year old classes: Fishos and Steps together on one tea towel
** 4 year old classes: Addis and Bells together on one tea towel, Winki and Birdrock together on another

It's easy to order! The more you order, the bigger the discount:
Only $15.00 each or SAVE by ordering more....
2 for $25.00 - use CODE: JJP2TT
3 for $40.00 - use CODE: JJP3TT
5 for $60.00 - use CODE: JJP5TT

(Copy & enter discount codes at checkout)

Thank you for your continued support of Jan Juc Preschool. If you have any queries contact Philippa Blake at philippa_blake@hotmail.com

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