This year Possum Place Child Care in Hunter New England NSW continued their tradition of creating a gorgeous end of year tea towel featuring self portraits of each child. On top of that, coordinator Amanda decided to use artwork from two children, Alex & Phoenix to create 30 full-colour Thank You tea towels gifts.

She told us “We asked Alex & Phoenix to draw a picture we could use as a card to say thank you. They were able to draw anything they chose, both children are about to head off to school the following year. We wanted a gift for speakers, parents/staff who assist us with things like interviews & visitors, something that acknowledges & celebrates this is a child care setting. The ones we have given out already have been really well received. We originally were going to have cards made but with the long relationship (at least since 2003) and our appreciation of the quality of tea towels and bags we thought this was a much better fit, also a practical one.”

Thank you Amanda and everyone at Possum Place for working with us for so many of our 20 years! We have loved helping you create your yearly group tea towels and love that you chose to incorporate more special childhood artwork into your Thank You gifts.

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