Why Expressions

Want to know why thousands of schools, childcare centres & clubs choose to fundraise with us each year? Here’s why…

Our Customer Service - we have won numerous awards in this category including the 2017 & 2019 Fundraising Awards.

We provide EVERYTHING – to make it as easy for you as possible. Pens, paper, bags to distribute the final product, folding, marketing materials. No hidden fees and no upfront costs. You pay only for what you have ordered once your product has been delivered.

Our experience – we’ve been creating beautiful designs since 1999!

Our Products – we source only the best materials; ethically grown, 100% cotton for all our tea towels, designed and printed in Australia.

Attention to detail – we pay attention to every single drawing, name and design received, making unlimited edits before printing the final product.

We listen – we encourage feedback from our customers to help us continue to grow and improve.

EVERYBODY loves our products – they are a successful fundraiser, one that many families look forward to receiving each year making them a popular annual tradition.

These points (and more) are the reasons why our customers run such successful fundraisers and come back year after year. From large schools to small grassroots organisations, we love helping all our customers. Check out the videos below to see how fun and easy it really is!
Call us today on 1800 855 or Contact Us here and let us help you create something special for your next project.