Schools and Childcare

School and childcare fundraising tea towels

The fun, creative & easy way to raise funds for Schools & Childcare Centres!

Expressions has been running tea towel, apron and bag fundraisers for schools and childcare centres across Australia for over twenty years. From tiny remote playgroups with only 8 students to primary schools with over 1000 students, even high school leaving gifts, we absolutely love working with our wide variety of clients creating the perfect product that everybody loves!

The design process

We personally look over every drawing and design, making sure that even the toughest critic – Grandma! – is happy with the result. You have a number of options for the design process, you be as creative or as simple as you like.

You can ask each child to draw a self-portrait, do a handprint or signature – a fun way to capture their personality at that moment in time. These can be put together as collaborative artistic projects for your whole groups or made into individual products for each student. If you’d prefer a simpler option, you can use your school logo, a sketch, a meaningful artwork or a class list.

Checkout our Options page to learn more about the different types of designs we offer.

Why are our fundraisers so successful?

Because we capture childhood memories. There’s nothing more precious than watching the pride on your child’s face when they see their artwork hanging in the kitchen. Priceless.

Our tea towel, apron and bag fundraisers are simple, cost you nothing to run and they work! Not only are they a beautiful keepsake and popular gift for relatives and special friends, they’re also successful in raising much needed extra funds. You can read about some of our successful clients in our News + Stories and be inspired by some of the designs created in the gallery below.

Fundraising tea towel ideas for schools, daycares and clubs

Printed fundraising aprons for childcare, daycare, schools and clubs
Childcare tea towel fundraiser
Childcare tea towel fundraising
Kindergarten printed tea towel fundraiser
Expressions Australia School Fundraising Tea Towels

Call us today on 1300 855 509 or Get In Touch to organise your next fundraiser and find out why thousands of schools and child care centres across Australia come back year after year.

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