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Downloads & Resources
Choose from our helpful downloads to get started today. We provide everything you need to run a successful fundraising project with Expressions. Choose from the resources below to get started today and remember you can contact us along the way with any questions - we’re here to support you and make sure that everyone loves the final product!


2022 Fundraising Brochure - download here

Coordinator’s Guides

Not sure which Coordinator’s Guide is for you? Have a look at our Options page to choose your project or give us a call on 1300 855 509 and we can help you get started.

Group Coordinator’s Guide
Group Order Details Form

DIY Saver Coordinator’s Guide
DIY Saver Order Details Form

Full Colour Tea Towel Coordinator’s Guide
Full Colour Tea Towel Order Details Form

Individual Artwork Tea Towel Coordinator’s Guide
Individual Artwork Order Details Form

Run from Home Fundraiser’s Guide

Online Store Set-up

Online Store Set-up

How-to info on Online Store Ordering

Parent Order Template Letters

Fundraising Group or DIY Tea Towel Template
Fundraising Group or DIY Bag Template
Fundraising Group or DIY Apron Template
Fundraising Group or DIY Combo Template
Fundraising Full Colour Group Tea Towel Template
Fundraising Individual Artwork Tea Towel Template


Fundraising Printable Resources

Fundraising Poster
Sales and Marketing tips for Coordinators
Choosing the right fundraiser for you – Worksheet
8 Pillars of Successful Community Fundraising


Digital marketing suites to make your fundraiser a success

Get social and let your community know about your fundraiser by using the school’s Facebook, Instagram and newsletters to spread the word. We’ve put together some great images you can use in your promotions to let everyone know that you are fundraising…and most importantly when deadlines are approaching – make sure no one misses out!
Use this suite of images to compliment the product sample, posters and parent order letters provided.

Tea Towel - Download File Tote Bag - Download File Apron - Download File


Drawing instructions video  

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