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At Expressions, we pride ourselves on making fundraising in Australia easy and successful! We love providing you, our fabulous customers, with the best customer service, and most loved fundraising and merchandising products around.
Whether you’re fundraising, designing custom merchandise or celebrating a special occasion, we’re here to help from start to finish.

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Key FAQ's

What’s the difference between Custom Design, DIY Saver, Full Colour Digital & Individual Artwork?

Custom Design – Each child/teacher/staff does a drawing which you send to us in the post satchel provided. Then, our experienced designers scan and arrange your drawings and logo to create your group design. Your design is screen-printed in one colour.

DIY Saver – You layout your own drawings directly onto a cardboard sheet or create your design digitally. You either post your finished design to us or upload it through our website. We will add your border choice once your artwork is received.  Your design is screen-printed in one colour.

Full Colour Digital – You can choose Custom Design or DIY Saver (see above) and do drawings in Full Colour! Your design is digitally printed in full colour.

Individual Artwork Tea Towels – Each participating child does their drawing on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper. Expressions will scale the drawing to fit the maximum print area and print each unique drawing on their own tea towel. Individual artworks are printed digitally in full colour.

Check out our Fundraising page for more detailed explanation. 

How long does it take?

Allow up to 6 weeks for Custom Designs and 5 weeks for DIY Savers from the time you post us your artwork to delivery (turnaround times are often much faster). The length of time it takes to complete the drawings or designs at your end is up to you – some groups are finished drawing in one day and others take a few weeks.

For ‘custom designs’, the final layout will be ready for you to check and approve approximately 2 weeks after we receive your artwork. Once you approve the design, the tea towels will be printed and you should receive the final product within about 2 weeks of your approval.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order for each separate design is 50. The majority of our fundraisers achieve order numbers much higher than this. Please note that if you are doing more than one design, e.g. Junior & Senior, each unique design will be treated individually in regard to pricing and minimum orders. Our combination orders (see above) have a minimum order of 50 tea towels and 20 aprons.

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