Mowbray Public School in NSW recently ran a very successful tea towel and bag fundraiser – raising $2000 via their kindergarten classes only! Funds raised are being used to purchase new readers for the kinders and now other classes at the school are keen to organise their own later in the year.

Coordinator Luana shared her tips and advice on how they achieved their success and what they would do next time –

  • Have the digital proofs ready before approaching families (publish on P&C page, Facebook, website, emails) and leave the physical samples in the School Office so they are easily accessible. Once people see them they will want to have this cute souvenir of their child’s year at school! You just have to ensure the parents see them – maybe have a stall at some parent events or before/after school.
  • I was surprised at how many people wanted them for grandparents and relatives overseas, so have a deal for multiple purchases.
  • Tea towels were more popular but many people were interested in the bags for environmental reasons. Might be good to combine the ordering of bags with Plastic Free July or other such events.

On working with Expressions for their products Luana said “Thanks for your attention to detail and assistance with our order. Your staff are so easy to deal with. Everyone at Mowbray was happy with this initiative and we have even been asked to do the same for different classes.”

Thank you Luana for your feedback and invaluable advice, we can’t wait to see the designs that the rest of Mowbray come up with later in the year! There’s still plenty of time left to coordinate a tea towel, tote bag or apron fundraiser for your organisation, for your free sample and info pack CLICK HERE.

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