With Expressions for 5 years this month is our head Graphic Designer and all-round creative guru Rebecca! She joined the team back in 2012 part time whilst juggling the demands of raising her two small children.  Fast forward to today and she’s in the office full time and is the person in charge of all new product designs, marketing materials and she makes sure your fundraising designs look their very best before heading to the printers! On top of her role here she and husband Noah run their own recording studio and continue to raise their two (not so small now) primary school aged kids.

Tell us about your previous experience in Graphic Design. Fresh out of university – where I studied fine arts – I started in the art department of a small town newspaper. I got my start pulling together car classifieds – vroom vroom. The print world was still black and white then. The digital design world changed quickly and with it came endless creative possibilities. I’ve tried my hand at print and digital design for fine arts, corporate, film and textiles.

What are some of your most memorable Expressions designs from the past 5 years? I’m quite partial to the full colour school designs…the freeness of the kids drawings when they have an unlimited palette is inspiring. Also, the designs that follow a theme…there was one recently where the kids had all drawn bugs. What a wonderful insight into the imagination of a child. So cute and the innocent creativity is enviable.

Fast facts;

Birthplace: Small town Canada

Hobbies: Sewing, puzzles, I sometimes find time for my art

Beach or Snow? Tough one…Beach 75% and 25% Snow

Favourite City: Tie between Vancouver & Montreal

Vices: Tequila, dill pickle chips, bad dance movies & drinking maple syrup

Hidden talent: I can touch my nose with my tongue (eek!!)

Bucket list adventure: Hiking in the Amazon