We’re pretty proud of our hardworking team of women here at Expressions HQ so we thought it was about time we got more personal in 2017! Each month or so we’ll share a new staff profile with you all, revealing a bit more about the team that keep Aussie homes filled with happy little portraits on your fundraising products as well as stylish branding and retail stock.

Kicking things off is our tenacious Business Manager Aimee. This month Aimee celebrates four years with Expressions. She keeps the ball rolling around here and also manages to raise three gorgeous children along with her husband Ryan.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Expressions?I love chatting to and getting to know our coordinators as many of them are working mums like myself who are volunteering their precious time to fundraise for their school. Providing a happy service whereby we provide a cherished keepsake and knowing firsthand how much the kids love seeing their artwork printed also makes it a pretty special place to work.”

Birthplace: Cambridge, New Zealand

Coffee or Tea?: Coffee (Espresso Martini)

Favourite Movie: Step Brothers – “So much room for activities!”

Hobbies: Cooking, socialising, travelling & making tea towels

Vices: Salt & Vinegar Kettle chips and Tabasco Sauce

Specialty Dance Move: The Robot

Nickname: Hot Sauce Aimee

Happy 4 year Anniversary Aimee!