It’s been some time between out Meet the Team series posts, but they are back and we’re proud to introduce everyone to a (very) long-time team member, Claire.

Claire has played many integral roles that have contributed to the growth of Expressions for the better part of 16 years, including Office Manager, Designer and most importantly, Emma’s sister!! She has travelled extensively and currently resides in beautiful Tasmania where she works remotely for Expressions and runs a motel and French restaurant (Camille) with her husband Paul. Not to mention she is completing her Bachelor of Education part-time and most importantly her and Paul are raising their three daughters, Lucinda 6, Storm 4 and Georgie-Rose 2, with girl #4 due to arrive later this year (can you say “SUPERMUM?!”)

Can you tell us a bit more about your varying roles over the years with Expressions and beyond?

Most of the last 10 years I have done remote design work from my laptop from anywhere in the world (even Thailand for 6 months). I mainly do the cleaning and prepping of each and every drawing. I can do it when the kids are in bed…I’m usually up until about midnight or later enjoying the peace and quiet and clicking away on that mouse perfecting thousands of cute little drawings. 

Any tips on how you balance work/mum/personal life?

I guess I balance my life with a load of help from my winner husband Paul and by trying not to stress the little things! I remind myself how precious every moment is with these little people constantly and just love them so much. Can not get enough of them…even the annoying parts of them! My husband and I are both calm and chilled out people. We don’t over plan or make out lives busier than they have to be. Just hanging out together is the most important thing in life.  We understand that money is not the meaning of life, we’ve travelled and partied hard enough to know that right now is about family and making a happy life for our beautiful girls.

Family! Although my family and friends aren’t close in the physical sense I am very very close to them in spirit and don’t know how I would function without them. My Mum and big sister (the wonderful Emma) are a huge part of my life and my besties I love more than words.


Fast facts;

Birthplace – Sydney, NSW

HobbiesBeing a Mum is my #1 passion! Craft and arty things. Study. TV couch time! Cooking

Coffee or TeaNeither

Favourite Travel Destinationmmm that’s a hard one, there’s too many but Thailand holds a special place in my heart

Favourite MovieOMG that’s hard…So I Married and Axe Murderer is right up there

VicesWine, Netflix & CHOCOLATE!

Hidden Talent Throwing kids parties!!

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