We recently made some very special tea towels for the animal rescue organisation HAART (Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team). HAART are a not-for-profit animal rescue charity based in Perth. Each year HAART rescues and re-homes 100’s of animals that would otherwise be euthanised, go homeless or continue to be neglected. They rely solely on the generosity of the general public and their supporters, which is why purchasing a tea towel (or two!) will go a long way in helping them change the lives of many animals.

President Melissa recently shared these photos with us, “Our handsome model is Finn. He was left with nowhere to go when circumstances changed for his human family. I took him in as a foster and I adopted him soon after. Thank you so much for sharing our tea towel. We love them and hope others will too.”

To purchase the tea towels head over to HAART’s Facebook page CLICK HERE and to learn more about the dedicated work they do and other ways you can support them, jump over to their website HERE.

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