We get it. We know that coordinating a fundraiser is time consuming and is likely to be run by busy mums/dads/grandparents etc who are wearing many other hats. This is exactly why our fundraising kits include EVERYTHING…the pens, the paper, the post bag to return it all. However once the kids have completed their artwork magic and your design is underway we want all your hard work to be worth it and for you to raise as many funds as possible – which is why we’ve added some shiny new extras that every coordinator receives in their fundraising kit!

  • Parent Flyers – We now include enough eye-catching colourful flyers per the number of students involved to send home in their school bags. Your customised Parent Order Letter can be printed on the back or stapled to it.
  • Posters – Put the newly designed posters in a busy area such as the front window of the class room or assembly areas. Get creative and add something like bunting to your display to make it festive and fun.
  • Student Stickers – Give the kids a little sticker reward when they complete their drawing. Make sure teachers let the kids know why they are doing the drawings. Building their excitement will go a long way in getting parents excited too.
  • We’ll also throw in a ‘Tools for a Successful Expressions Fundraiser’ flyer to make it impossible not to maximise all your free marketing materials!

As always our helpful staff are only a phone call or email away, we are always happy to have a chat about how best to spread your fundraising word!

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