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Fundraising Pricing

You decide how much margin you want to add on top for your fundraising profit.  We suggest a mark-up of between $5 and $10 per item. A typical sale price is $15 per tea towel and $20 each for bags and aprons.

  • Products

  • Order Quantity

    Order Quantity

  • 300+300+
  • 200+200+
  • 150+150+
  • 100+100+
  • 50+50+
  • Tea Towels

  • Order Quantity

    CUSTOM DESIGN single colour print

  • 300+$7.00 per item
  • 200+$7.50
  • 150+$8.00
  • 100+$8.50
  • 50+$9.50
  • Aprons

  • Order Quantity

    CUSTOM DESIGN single colour print

  • 300+$12.00 per item
  • 200+$12.50
  • 150+$13.00
  • 100+$13.50
  • 50+$14.50
  • Bags

  • Order Quantity

    CUSTOM DESIGN single colour print

  • 300+$12.00 per item
  • 200+$12.50
  • 150+$13.00
  • 100+$13.50
  • 50+$14.50
  • Full Colour

  • Order Quantity


  • 300+$11.00 per item
  • 200+$11.50
  • 150+$12.00
  • 100+$12.50
  • 50+$14.50

Or try DIY Saver and save 50¢ per item!

*Prices listed are per item for each unique design – single colour screen print or full colour digital print (GST incl). Each fundraising order will incur a freight charge of $20.

Anytime is a great time to do a fundraiser with Expressions but here are some key dates to keep in mind when planning your project.

Occasion Expressions’ Deadlines
Mother’s Day
Sunday 14 May
Drawings to be received by: 4 April
Orders to be received by: 21 April
Father’s Day
Sunday 3 September
Drawings to be received by: 28 July
Orders to be received by: 11 August
Friday 25 December
Drawings to be received by: 20 October
Orders to be received by: 3 November

Fundraising FAQs

Custom Design – Our experienced designers scan and arrange your drawings and logo to create your custom design.

DIY Saver – You layout your own drawings directly onto a cardboard sheet to send in or create your design digitally to submit. We will add your border choice once your artwork is received.

Group tea towels, aprons and bags can help you acheive a healthy fundraising goal at any time of the year.  The tea towels, aprons and bags can be a fabulous way to celebrate special occasions such as an anniversary, final year at school or open day and are great presents for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas.

We encourage everyone to get artwork in early so you have more time to promote your project. Please note delivery times are longer in term 4 as this is our busiest time of year.

One tea towel can contain small or large groups, up to 450 portraits in one design. Both small and large numbers look great, however for groups with numbers over 200 we ask you draw faces only. Very large schools may decide to split into groups, such as Junior and Senior, or one design for each year level – if you do decide on more than one design remember that each unique design requires a minimum order of 50. Aprons can include up to 300 images. Bags can go up to 150 portraits on one side.

We have 12 standard colours in our screen printing range.

Standard Colour Range

There should be something to suit everyone, however if you would like to print with a specific colour outside of our range inquire about the use of PMS colours.

We also offer FULL COLOUR digital printing.

Multiple colour prints: for 2 colours add $1.50 per item, for 3 colours add $2.50 per item.
Our screen printing ink is fully colourfast, fade resistant and long wearing.

Yes. We can use your original images to create unique designs for use on tea towels, aprons and bags. Minimum order numbers of 50 apply for each separate design.

Alternatively for smaller groups we offer a tea towel/apron combo, using a tea towel design (done in portrait layout, at a slightly reduced size) printed on both. The minimum order for this combination is 50 tea towels and 20 aprons (or 50 aprons and 20 tea towels). Bags cannot be included as a combo as the artwork is printed at a different size.

Allow up to 6 weeks for Custom Designs and 5 weeks for DIY Savers from the time you post us your artwork to delivery (turnaround times are often much faster). The length of time it takes to complete the drawings or designs at your end is up to you – some groups are finished drawing in one day and others take a few weeks. For ‘custom designs’, the final layout will be ready for you to check and approve approximately 2 weeks after we receive your artwork. Once you approve the design, the tea towels will be printed and you should receive the final product within about 2 weeks of your approval.

Yes, we can create a design using your crest, logo, a sketch or signatures to celebrate an anniversary or special event. Another popular style is using class lists with all the student names – past or present. It can be as imaginative, as creative or as simple as you like. Let our team help you create something truly unique and memorable. If you have an idea our experienced team can help you bring it to life. Artwork can be provided Print Ready as a digital file or we can put together a custom design for you.

Also, our Full Colour Digital printing allows almost limitless possibilities. Simply provide a high resolution photograph to the right dimentions or let the kids use every texta in their pencil case and we can print it!

The minimum order for each separate design is 50. The majority of our fundraisers achieve order numbers much higher than this. Please note that if you are doing more than one design, e.g. Junior & Senior, each unique design will be treated individually in regard to pricing and minimum orders. Our combination orders (see above) have a minimum order of 50 tea towels and 20 aprons.

Absolutely! The minimum reorder quantity is 30.
The pictures can be placed in either landscape or portrait format. If you choose a ‘DIY dollar saver’ you will lay out the pictures yourself. If you go with the ‘custom design’ style, we will scan in your pictures and lay out the drawings for you, adding your group’s name and logo to your specifications. We offer a range of border designs, fonts and layout options. Pictures can be laid out in random order or arranged into groups or class order within one design. Large schools may choose to run the classes from left to right, top to bottom, one after the other. Organisations with smaller numbers can split into groups or sections; such as 2 groups on left and right, or top and bottom or 4 groups can be placed in each corner (see the gallery on the School or Pre School page for examples).
We have a huge range of borders to choose from which will be supplied in your coordinator’s kit. Alternatively let us help you create your own unique border. There is no extra charge for this special service. We welcome your ideas and are happy to put together an original border, just for you. Many schools have text included in the border, such as school details or teachers’ names or use pictures of animals or their logo to create something distinctive.

Our extra large white tea towels are made specifically for our needs from white high quality 100% cotton 50 x 70cm. If you require linen or linen/cotton tea towels please contact us for a quote.

Our high quality adult size aprons (85 x 70cm) are available in white, bottle green, black, red, navy and burgundy.

Our large size sturdy bags (40 x 45cm, 10cm gusset, 55cm handles) are available in black, navy or white. We have them made specially for us in quality 100% cotton drill.

An invoice will be sent via email at the time your order is despatched. Payment is due strictly 7 days after you have received your order. Payment is accepted by cheque, EFT or credit card (through Paypal).

Forward cheques to Expressions Australia P/L, 133 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River, WA, 6285. Cheques made payable to Expressions Australia, quote organisation name, ID or Invoice number with payment.

EFT details are found on the bottom of your invoice.

Credit card payment can be made via Paypal, please contact our office to arrange. Credit card payments will incur a 3% surcharge.

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