We have recently added a new charity into our fold – sponsoring a student through The Smith Family, a charity whose values are very close to our heart.

“Currently in Australia there are over 1.1 million children and young people living in poverty. For families facing financial hardship, the prospect of a better future is overshadowed by the ordeal of making it through another week. A disadvantaged child needs some financial help to pay for the kind of things that their family cannot afford, like a proper school uniform, shoes and text books…The Smith Family steps into a child’s life while they are still at school, to help them get the most from their time there. Through our Learning for Life program we help children to participate in and get the most out of their education to prevent them from experiencing a lifetime of poverty.” (Courtesy of The Smith Family Welcome booklet.)

Sponsoring a Year 7 student with ongoing monthly donations we are providing financial support for school essentials and extra-curricular activities, targeted support from the Learning for Life Coordinator and The Smith family’s learning and mentoring program.

We are looking forward to our growing relationship with The Smith Family and especially our student.  To learn about the many ways you can support The Smith Family visit their website HERE.