Our most recent competition winner Amy impressed us back in October with her hilarious Christmas Cracker joke – what does Miley Cyrus eat at Christmas? …Twerky!”  She did so again recently when she used her 20 free full colour tea towels to create gorgeous tea towel invitations for her birthday.

Knowing her milestone 30th Birthday was around the corner Amy, who is a talented florist, decided to wait until it was closer to her birthday to use her tea towels to create the beautiful invites to gift to her closest group of friends celebrating with her. Matching the greenery of the invitation she hand delivered them rolled up and tied with green ribbon, olive leaves and a hand-written name tag, very simple and effective.  We can’t wait to see photos from the event which is being styled to match the invites using lots of greenery and pink florals.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing a prize being used so creatively, a big Happy Birthday Amy  from the entire Expressions Team!

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