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What Worked in 2020? Tips from a Successful Fundraiser

This year's fundraising coordinators have gone above and beyond to keep their community spirit alive. One school in Queensland managed to do just that and raise enough money for a brand new BBQ along the way.

We reached out to Veronica from Southern Cross Catholic College after the school successfully sold 874 tea towels in a college of 1200 students from Prep - Year 12! She said, "We are a P-12 school which had never done this type of fundraising. Our previous fundraising was a 11km river walk that students collected sponsorship donations for. However, due to COVID we were not able to do it this year. We always found that the secondary section of our school really struggles with fundraising so we decided to make tea towels for every year level and in the secondary school we made year 7-9 and year 10-12 that allowed us to reach the 50 orders easily. We sold our tea towels for $15 each or 3 for $40."

Ideas they used for spreading the word;

  • Parent email: Started the 2 week drive with a parent email which included a list detailing what the P&F had done with previous funds raised. This email also had the parent order form and all images of the tea towels attached.
  • Printed flyer sent home with eldest sibling
  • Facebook: From previous Facebook experiences we found that posts could only go up the week the drive started and we would only post something every 2nd day. This made sure parents didn't get sick of seeing it and stop reading the posts. Some of the P&F parents on are specific year level group Facebook pages which they also shared the info on. Our drive only went for 2 weeks which I think is crucial in keeping it fresh. All Facebook posts also included the order form and images.
  • School classroom's "What's On." This is a week update from classroom teachers to parents that goes out at the start of every week.
  • Order Forms at Before and After School Care Facility: Working parents are very busy and I find that leaving P&F information at the sign in and out bench keeps these parents up to date.
  • Posters: Printing off the posters and placing them in classrooms and eating areas built extra interest. We made a sign above them in the secondary school saying "get your order form from the office" and we made sure there were plenty of order form copies readily available there.

All of these extra tips and tricks helped all of the tea towels across all of the year groups - and raise around $4000 in profit - amazing work SCCC and thank you for sharing!

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