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Top 5 from Real Fundraising Coordinators

It’s officially that time of year again…call it the holiday season or the crazy season, we’re on the home stretch and officially in the final term of 2019. Before you know it, we’ll be finishing off the leftover Halloween lollies late at night *blink* and next minute be rummaging through the dress-up box for that Santa hat the kids need to wear at their Christmas concert. It’s a fun, energetic (dare we say it) busy time for all families, especially those extra special humans who take on the role of fundraising coordinator for your children's school, child care centre or sporting club.

This is hands down the most popular time fundraising projects like ours are run. Not only is it a beautiful way to commemorate the year that is coming to an end but also the ideal time to market your custom-made keepsake to families, they will always be willing to buy multiples at this time of year to gift to the rellies and who can resist something with their child’s portrait on it at such a sentimental time of year?!

With all this in mind we thought now would be a good time to put together a collection of tips and advice to maximise the profits of your fundraiser and help your P&C end the year on a high. With 20 years of feedback and advice from real coordinators who have successfully raised funds with our tea towels, bags and aprons we’re sharing their golden nuggets and hope that you do to!

1. Display the sample product – use the one we’ve sent you or one from a previous year. Hang it somewhere that lots of parents are going to see it, often when they see the size of the tea towels and can feel the quality it encourages them to order.

"Displaying the sample tea towel in the office for parents to see and having order forms there ready to go helped to sell many." - Angela, St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

"I think it's handy to have the sample tea towel. We used one from last year to display because we were planning to use the same set out." - Olivia, West Albury Preschool Centre

"The sample tea towel allows us to show parents the quality of the fabric" - Mel, Parkside Preschool

2. Use your design - we'll send you a jpeg of your design that you can easily insert into the order letter template, your school newsletter, website, Facebook pages etc.

"Have the digital proof ready before approaching families. Once people see them they will want to have this cute souvenir of their child's year at school!" - Luana, Mowbray Public School

"We included our actual design on the order letter template this time which I think helped to boost sales." - Karen, The Heights Kindergarten

"I think including the proof in the letter really helped me get more orders as parents could see how cute their children's drawing were and just HAD to buy!" - Joanne, Cawarral State School

3. Consider pricing for multiple orders - offering a discounted price for several items will increase your overall order number and possibly get you into the lower wholesale price bracket.

"The only thing I would do differently is have some additional price combinations. We marketed them as 1 for $15, 2 for $25 and 3 for $36 but we had some people who wanted to buy more!- Clare, Campbell Street Primary School

"I loved the idea suggested to offer bulk buys, this really worked and most people went for the 3 tea towel option which was great." - Marika, Firbank Grammar School

"Our families are thrilled with their tea towels. This year we had many families ordering multiples." - Janet, Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten

4. More is more - don't miss any opportunity to let them know you're fundraising! Send home a note with students, put a notice in the school newsletter, hang posters and samples, post it across your social media. Every family reads/checks/follows news differently so download the digital marketing suite from us, adjust the parent order letter template and spread the word!

"Make full use of all lines of communication with Parents and Teachers, don't skimp on the messages. I got more orders by putting a print-out of the finished tea towel design on the class noticeboards too." - Brook, Dunsborough Primary School

"We sent an initial letter home with students, put notices in our newsletter and posted notices on our school Facebook pages. As it was a Parents & Friends initiative we documented it in our minutes as well when we discussed it at our monthly meetings. I also kept the primary teachers in the loop by emailing regularly with updates in case parents asked them any questions, communication helps a lot." - Tracey, Sacred Heart College

"To sell the tea towels we put up posters everywhere around the school, advertised in the school newsletter and the school P&F Facebook page and reminded the kids at school." - Claire, Holy Rosary Primary School

5. Always order spares - there will be someone who didn't place their order in time or sees the final product and wants one (or one more).

"All I will do differently next year is order some spares for all the late orders we had." - Amanda, Ewing Kindergarten

"From a school of 220 kids we sold 203 tea towels and 124 tote bags and some people regretted not buying enough!" - Jo, Mt Claremont Primary School

"Every parent is very happy with the results. Those who opted not to buy ended up buying the extra we bought just in case." - Emily, Montrose Preschool


There you have it - our 5 most frequent advice tips from real fundraising coordinators. If you do things differently at your school we'd love to hear what works best for you, hopefully we've shared some advice that is helpful for coordinators new and old and we wish you all the best for your final term of fundraising in 2019.

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