Sutherland Dianella Primary School Printed Tea Towel Fundraiser

Sutherland Dianella Primary School

A wonderful example of forward thinking and perseverance during this strange, disruptive time is Sutherland Dianella Primary School in Perth. Thanks to fundraising coordinator Hayley and the group of P&C Mums who went from class to class, all of their drawings & artwork were complete before the school shutdown occurred. This worked well not only helping to complete their artwork quickly, it also meant that they were all given the same instructions and the end result was a very striking, whole school design with face-only portraits. Getting their artwork and orders in early meant that they were able to take advantage of our Early Bird offer, gaining an extra 20 free tea towels on top of the 261 that families ordered!

We asked Hayley how they went about marketing and distributing it so successfully, she said “We promoted it to the kids as a fundraiser and gift for our Mother’s Day stall…our office administrators along with the Principal distributed them to all the classes for us as we were not allowed on the school grounds. We’re also framing some for the office and library and one will go in our school time capsule. It was a great success! We were a little worried how they would turn out, but you guys worked your magic and they were perfect! Thanks so much!” 

The P&C was so happy with the response that they are considering a reorder at the end of the year for Christmas gifts too – thanks for sharing SDPS!

Now that restrictions are starting to lift, it’s the perfect time to come together and create a feelgood project and raise some funds for your school, club or childcare centre. Our team are here to help you in anyway you need. Contact us on 1300 855 509 for a chat or via the website here. 

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