Expressions Australia Tea Towel Fundraising Early Bird Winner

Small Kindy Gets the Worm!

This year we decided to reward one lucky Early Bird the entire cost of their fundraiser back.

Randomly drawing from all fundraising clients who completed their bookings by the end of Term Two, we were elated to see long-running client Cara Armstrong Kindergarten picked as the winner!

This year marks their 10th fundraiser with us - creating, as they usually do, both tea towels and tote bags using self-portraits from their adorable groups, the "Bumblebees" and "Grasshoppers". Winning back the cost of their order this year (a total of $1220) has made a huge difference to their fundraising goal - this year's being to expand their collection of library books.

One of the members of the Fundraising Team, assistant Sarah shared with us the reasons behind their decision to always run this fundraiser in the first half of the year. "We have a small kindergarten (only 41 families this year) but this fundraiser is always really popular. We ordered tote bags this year and were really happy with how they came out. We run our tea towel fundraiser early in the year because the schedule gets hectic towards Christmas and also we make sure we order them in time to distribute them for Mother's Day. Lots of families buy them for grandmothers to receive on this day."

Congratulations to all of you and thank you for sharing photos of the giant cheque that had a nice tour of the school (well done to the Mum who took it around and played paparazzi!).

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