Expressions Fundraising Petersham on a Plate School Tea Towel

Petersham on a Plate Tea Towel & Cookbook

What do you do when you've incorporated most of the school in a fundraising project and then it gets put on the back burner? In the case of Petersham Public School in NSW you create a complimentary product to help sell the first one!

4 years ago a group of mothers at the school decided to create a cookbook filled with recipes from each family to sell as a fundraising product. Due to the time & effort involved and life events in general, it was paused for quite some time until committee member Terryann had a spell between jobs and reformed a new group with one of the original members.

The cook book project was in full swing again and includes over 100 recipes from the school community. Terryann told us "I came up with the idea of tea towels to incorporate the new kindy classes that weren't around when we got families to submit their favourite recipes. I thought rather than draw portraits of themselves like we have previously, if we got the students, staff & tutors to draw fresh produce and turn them into cartoon characters this would tie in nicely when we sold them as a package with the cookbook."

The result is a very vibrant, eye-catching design that compliments the beautiful book perfectly. Launching the cookbook at the school's Art Show they are now selling the packages through local businesses as both items appeal to the greater community.

Well done on completing such a huge fundraising effort Petersham and all the hardworking families who made it happen - we hope you sell out very soon! 

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