Expressions Australia Fundraising Personalised Bags

Loyal School Leavers Tote Bags

Upon celebrating our 20th year in 2019 we took a deep dive into the archives to find out who has been with us from the beginning. St Mary’s School Manly stood out like no other… with us from the start, they have completed a fundraising project each year for 18 out of those 20 years! Principal Paul McGuire says “St Mary’s School, Manly, has a long association with Expressions. Their commitment to quality and service reliability have ensured that all our endeavours with them have been very positive.”

We decided to say “thank you” to St Mary’s and several other hugely loyal clients by giving them free products for their 2019 projects that they could choose to on-sell or just gift to their families. Since St Mary’s Manly were so organised and had already completed their yearly tea towel for the lower grades we suggested creating a tote bag for their Year 6 Leavers. Using each of the 33 students signatures inside a class of 2019 design they looked fabulous printed in white on our navy totes. Thank you to Tania for coordinating all of the leavers’ signatures and also the artwork for the tea towels and thank you to such a wonderful school for allowing us to be one of your traditions for all this time.

If you have an idea for something a little different don’t hesitate to talk to us about designing something for you, especially if you’re celebrating an anniversary or have an upcoming event and are thinking about doing something outside the norm.

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