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How To Run A Fundraiser From Home

Did you know we offer contact-free fundraising options, you get the same wonderful keepsake that everybody loves, with the bonus of being easier to run as well as lockdown proof! Our feelgood fundraisers are bringing communities together even when physically, they can't be. 

Perfect for homeschooling, distance education and clubs, create custom made tea towels, bags and aprons and still raise funds whilst at home. 


Completely Contact Free via our  Run From Home Coordinator's Guide


Create a 'class group photo' with self-portraits to stand in for this year's photo


Ask kids to draw themselves doing their favourite at home activity


Keep your normal tradition alive (or start a new one) with a whole group or class design - it's like a yearbook on a teatowel


Everyone can do their own unique individual tea towels. The kids can get creative at home with drawing, painting, collage… the options are endless. If it can be scanned or photographed, we can print it!


Options to suit any fundraising goal or budget. From group screen printed tea towels, tote bags & aprons to full- colour individual artworks digitally printed. Create a treasured item guaranteed to make everyone smile.


For cashless and contact-free payment use your own in-house ordering system and if you don't have that option we'll happily set up an online store portal for you.

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