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Eco-Friendly Fundraiser Tips

When we excitedly announced last month the news about our 100% compostable distribution bags, Karissa - the fundraising coordinator from St Catherine's School in Sydney was quick to get in touch and share their positive feedback. She told us that the St Catherine's School Magnolia Fair was going greener this year with the motto "Towards Zero Waste" so the new distribution bags for their tea towels that were being sold prior to the event and on the day were absolutely perfect.

We followed up with Karissa to find out more about the Fair and the steps they implemented for their greener vision on the day. "It was such a wonderful event enjoyed by so many of our students, staff, parents, friends and guests. We sold all but two of our tea towels prior to the day and we were so thrilled when you provided us with the compostable bags to present them in to our parents!!" The 'Towards Zero Waste Magnolia Fair' included;

  • Cash for Can scheme to ensure soft drink cans are recycled
  • Water stations provided by Sydney Water with compostable cups instead of plastic bottles
  • Meals and snacks were provided to guests with biodegradable cutlery and serving ware
  • Reusable cups from 'Ruzi' at the coffee carts, lemonade stand and blender bikes - these are made of bamboo fibre and will be washed and re-used at future events
  • Student led 'Waste Warriors' overseeing waste on the day to help create a brighter, greener and more sustainable future

Successfully selling most of the tea towels prior to the Fair, Karissa did so by emailing all the families of the 3 classes involved with a link to their event page, where the tea towels were available to order online. She also framed the sample and displayed it in the school hallway - a very clever idea.

Well done on such a wonderful fundraiser and event St Catherine's and thank you for sharing your eco-friendly tips! 

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