Early Bird Winners -  Leopold Kindergarten

Early Bird Winners - Leopold Kindergarten

Congratulations to Leopold Kindergarten on winning our Early Bird promotion for 2022. They have won their full order back to them. We were so excited to see Leopold Kindergarten's name drawn out as we have worked with them for many years. 

We spoke with the coordinator Aileen about why they have chosen to fundraise with tea towels and what they were using the fundraising $$ for. 

What made you choose to run a tea towel fundraiser with us?

We wanted to run the tea towel fundraiser with expressions because it has been a successful fundraiser in the past and the tea towels are very loved from past families so we knew new families would love them just as much. We have had many many Expressions Tea Towel fundraisers over the years. 

What will the money you were fundraising for plus the money you have won back go towards?

The money is going towards new blinds for the Kindergarten and by winning back the amount of the fundraiser this will greatly help to cover even more of the cost. 

Congratulations again and thank you to everyone who took part in our Early Bird offer. 


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