Expressions Fundraising Rainbow Collage Artwork Printed Tea Towel

Collage to Product

Indi 4 years and Bianca 9 years recently made their gorgeous collages into a product - a Tea Towel with Expressions.  You can image their pride and delight when receiving their hand made artwork printed onto a Tea Towel!   It's so easy; get creative, photograph, send in photograph to Expressions who will print onto any one of our fantastic products.

A collage is a picture or design that is created by adhering elements to a flat surface. The word “collage” comes from the French 'coller' meaning “to glue”. Collage is a form of artwork that is made by assembling or organising different materials to create a new piece of art. 

What can you use for collage? The short answer is anything that can be glued! Look around your home to look at all the options of different materials you could use to create a collage. Some ideas as a starting point are: • Pictures cut from old magazines , newspapers or junk mail • Recycled materials from your home (plastic lids, packaging materials, straws) • Cardboard and coloured paper (tissue, crepe, wrapping or construction paper) • Natural objects: leaves, feathers, sand , flowers, bark • Scraps of fabric or ribbon or wool. • Buttons, ice cream sticks , googly eyes, string, pom poms, sequins • Photographs • Wrapping paper • Stickers, tinsel or foil • Dried pasta, lentils, rice or seeds.


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