Expressions Australia Blackburn's Commemorative Tea Towel

Blackburn’s Commemorative Tea Towel

The end of the year is always a bit of a crazy time for us at Expressions HQ with so many wonderful designs and artworks coming in and out! It’s always nice to go back at the start of the year to look at everything that was created in December and one commemorative design was so unique it really stood out.

Blackburn Primary School in Melbourne’s east organised a special commemorative tea towel to celebrate the school’s 130th anniversary. The artwork used was by a very clever Grade 6 student who sketched the original school building inside an iPad reflecting the ‘Then and Now’ message. All that coordinator Liz had to do was add the script and then send the design to us! Matching their school uniform it was printed in burgundy on our natural cotton tea towels and sold to families at a little over cost price as memento product instead of a fundraiser. Liz explained “we sold it to families at a little over cost (to allow for fabric crayons cost) so that the kids could personalise their tea towel with fabric crayons.” Such a lovely touch! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous anniversary treasure with us Blackburn PS!

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