Expressions Fundraising Ideas for Schools printed tea towels, bags and aprons

Bags for Biodiversity

We're seeing a real trend this year with progressive teachers taking class projects to a whole new level.

First we had Australiana art class artwork on tea towels, followed by a Year 3 class with their Rainforest projects and now a teacher from Malvern Central School in Victoria has done the same with her class and their term's inquiry topic, Biodiversity.

Each student drew a picture of a plant or animal which we collated in a design for a tote bag. Teacher Sally explained "we wanted the students to understand what biodiversity means, what it looks like in different ecosystems and why it is important. The students researched different ecosystems and found out the kinds of animals and plants which live in those ecosystems and how each one is important in maintaining the health of the ecosystem. We then looked at what we as humans are going to do to help support biodiversity. From this came the idea to raise money for an environmental charity that does just that. So we chose Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF) who are dedicated to helping maintain biodiversity and planting more trees. As such the profits from the bags will be donated here."

The profits they've raised from the sale of the bags has allowed them to donate 80 trees to CNCF - an incredible effort, well done Sally and her clever class!

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