Bags of Profit for Macquarie College Preschool

Each year Macquarie College Preschool in NSW create a keepsake fundraising product for the students and families and decided to use Expressions tote bags for the first time in 2017. This year’s fundraising profit contributed to their new bush garden and they weren’t disappointed when they received their final product as Coordinator and School Administrator Lyndsey explains…

“We did get samples from a few companies but Expressions bags were far and away the best quality bag available. It was most definitely the easiest order I’ve had to collate, every child drew a picture on the day they attended preschool and we successfully managed to get the order in, in plenty of time. We were amazed when the bags arrived less than a week later – and they were gorgeous. Great quality cotton, big bags with side gussets and strong handles and even a label on the inside for naming. In fact, a few parents who didn’t place an order instantly regretted it when they actually saw the bags and their children’s cute self portraits and we received expressions of interest for a second print run. In addition, some parents who had snagged themselves a bag decided to order more for friends and family. Thanks again for making it a success for us -it was always more about the ‘keepsake’ than the fundraising for us but we had a few people ordering 4 or more so they were definitely a hit!” 

We adore these photos of Lyndsey with student Stevi (whose Mum ordered 4 of the bags!). Thanks Macquarie College!