We’ve been fortunate enough to be nominated for some fantastic awards this year, some familiar and others for the first time. We were very proud to once again make it to the finalists stage of the Telstra Regional Business Awards and only narrowly missed out on the top spots for our two categories. This year our Emma put her hat in the ring at the Ausmumpreneur Awards, entering in the Regional Business Awards category. Attending the workshops and awards night in Sydney was a very educational and inspiring experience and turned out to be a successful trip as she was awarded the silver runner-up trophy!

Finally we entered the Fundraising Directory Awards run by Mandy the Fundraising Whisperer and her fabulous team. We were over the moon to be announced the winner of the Best Customer Service Award, something we are so proud to share with all of you, as all of these award entries wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable feedback and glowing testimonials we receive from all of you – so thank you!

Ausmumpreneur Winners Full List

The Fundraising Directory