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Tea Towel Treasure

We put the call out this year for people to dig up their vintage Expressions tea towels and share them in celebration of our 20th anniversary. One family didn't need to do much digging as they still regularly use Kierra's tea towel from her day care centre 17 years ago! Kierra's mum Angela helped to [...]

Tea Towel Treasure2019-04-16T11:27:49+08:00

Redland Museum Tea Towel Merchandise

Tea towels are the perfect souvenir for tourists to pack in their suitcase or for locals to send to friends and family overseas. They're a useful memento that's displayed often, acting as a constant reminder of their travels and also work as a mini-billboard for the area/business that they originated from - which is why [...]

Redland Museum Tea Towel Merchandise2019-03-07T13:24:13+08:00

Creative Ideas for Tea Towel Fundraising from The Fundraising Whisperer

In my opinion, the best thing about fundraising in general is that you get to use your imagination. We are faced with a challenge and we come up with a creative solution. Need a new playground? OK, let’s find ways to raise funds in a way that is not a burden on our community. Need [...]

Creative Ideas for Tea Towel Fundraising from The Fundraising Whisperer2019-03-05T11:09:42+08:00

Carevan Blacktown Volunteer Tea Towels

It's always nice to shine the spotlight on not-for-profits that we've had the fortune of working with and Carevan Blacktown is no exception. Committee member Caroline reached out to us as she wanted to organise a special Christmas gift for their volunteers, she filled us in on the work that this wonderful organisation do; "Carevan [...]

Carevan Blacktown Volunteer Tea Towels2019-01-29T14:36:33+08:00

West Albury Preschool Coordinator Advice

When we receive feedback from experienced fundraising coordinators such as Olivia from West Albury Preschool, NSW we listen up! Her tips for successfully selling their 2018 tea towels and reaching their target goal? - " I think it's handy to have the sample tea towel. We actually used our one from last year to display [...]

West Albury Preschool Coordinator Advice2019-03-06T14:36:33+08:00

Samira’s Merchandise Goods

A favourite on MasterChef Season 10, Samira Damirova will be a familiar face to foodie fans across the country. Not only a passionate cook, she's also an extremely talented photographer, culminating in her beautiful blog Sam's Kitchen Foodie Goods where she illustrates step-by-step her recipes that are in her words, "delicious, colourful, nutritious and most [...]

Samira’s Merchandise Goods2018-11-23T11:06:18+08:00

Legacy Australia Tea Towel

Legacy is an Australian charity that provide services to Australian families suffering after the injury or loss of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service. They currently care for around 60,000 beneficiaries, with 96% of them being elderly widows throughout Australia. Lisa from Legacy reached out to us to organise a [...]

Legacy Australia Tea Towel2018-10-12T11:05:01+08:00

Clermont Show’s Anniversary Merchandise

The Clermont Show committee in Clermont QLD decided to run a special competition this year in honour of the show's 150th Anniversary. They put out a call to the community to create a design that encompassed 150 years of the show, broke it up into different age categories and then picked the two winners. Their [...]

Clermont Show’s Anniversary Merchandise2018-09-26T09:22:31+08:00