Kym from South Castlemaine Kindergarten in Victoria was already a pro at coordinating the school’s tea towel fundraiser, as their 2016 order was their third one with us. Choosing the DIY option meant more funds saved and placing the order in time for our Early Bird Bonus Competition paid off big time as they are the lucky winners of this year’s $1000 prize!

Congratulations and thank you for your feedback, it’s always wonderful hearing about the end goals for the fundraising initiatives we have been a part of!

“The South Castlemaine Kindergarten community is so thrilled to have won the Early Bird Competiton. Our fundraising goals this year are upgrading the staff computer facilities and building new shelving in our Kindergarten storeroom. We have been working hard all year through various fundraising initiatives including the very popular tea towel fundraiser to make these goals a reality; so to win $1000 out of the blue, is the best fundraising injection we could have hoped for.  We always have so much fun putting the Kinder tea towel together and our families love it. Thank you for the wonderful team at Expressions – as always it’s a pleasure to work with you!”. Kym Cross, South Castlemaine Kindergarten VIC