Fundraising For Schools

A School Fundraiser Teachers, Kids...and Parents Love!

Our tea towel, apron and bag fundraisers for schools are simple, cost you nothing to run…and they work! It's a great way to fundraise for schools.

People keep tea towels for a long time, they're inexpensive, easy to post and make a lasting memento, so they sell well. Using your own design creates a wonderful keepsake for children and popular gift for parents, relatives and special friends. This is a unique opportunity to preserve your children's artwork and remember friends and teachers forever.

Through the school fundraiser, every student gets a chance to express themselves by drawing their own self-portrait, sketch or signature. Alternatively, if you want a really simple option you can just use your school crest, logo or class lists. Be as creative as you want. If you have an idea for a unique design we can help you bring it to life.

The finished design to be printed is put together in one of two ways:

  • Custom Design - Our experienced designers scan and artistically arrange all your drawings and logo for you.
  • DIY Saver - You arrange and lay out your own drawings either onto a cardboard layout sheet or digitally and SAVE!

We send you a FREE coordinator's kit with absolutely everything you need to make running a successful fundraiser simple.


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